Why did I study subjects I don’t and would never use in my life? My parents and my teachers always lied that ” to get a good job, you need to go to school and have a good degree. I never had this opportunity when I was young .” But now my question is, weren’t you young a long time ago? These are indeed different eras. Even the 90’s bad girl couldn’t stand the heat in the 2000’s. Society’s heat change as years go by.

My parents would always convince the ‘bgonyo’ teachers in my school asking them to ensure that I studied harder. Assuming without admitting that my parents did not know any better and throughout their entire adult lives, they have never applied the Pythagora’s theorem and don’t even know the value of ‘x’.  My parents did not know me because we never spent anytime together apart from the beating and the nagging times. They relied on our neighbours to tell them who I was. ” This your boy is wayward, kubɔlɔ, unfocused, easily distracted and will amount to no good.” But they did not also know that I was one of the sharpest and most creative minds ever.

Which idiot came up with this system of education in Nkrumah’s Ghana? I remember studying equations, formulas and definitions and never to use again. All my ‘A’ grades don’t matter when I apply for jobs. How many students remember something just five minutes after the invigilator shouts “stop work” in an exam? Results are released only for you to realise that you are just one mark short of the top grade. Does that mean remembering five minutes earlier would have made you more qualified for a job?

We all have different abilities, talents and genetic make ups. So why is the class full of individuals tested by the same means? Just because I  couldn’t do Maths, my teachers called me “dumb”. If this is issue not addressed properly, it then becomes Odewale on his way to self-destruction calling Baba Fakunle ” a blind bat” in The Gods Are Not To Blame. No school has the audacity to have a policy on equality.

Exams is the system’s method of telling you what you are worth. But you can’t allow society to tell you what you are. The same system which shapes society tells you that abortion is wrong but looks down on teenage mothers. Pastors that preach charity but own private jets. Parents who say they want educated children but constantly marvel at how rich Mc Zukaberg, Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote are. Governments who preach peace yet endorse wars; schools who claim they believe so much in the  importance of education and learning but are constantly increasing school fees each year.

Why would teachers tell students that exams are imperative to their success? We are constantly being tested with tests but finals are never finals. The school has never prepared anyone for the biggest test, which is SURVIVAL. We are worth more than the ” A” or “D” in our result booklets. People are becoming Doctors and Lawyers not find solutions to the ailing humanity and injustice in the society but for the prestige and money the profession come with.

I grew up in the 90’s, a generation where I did not find answers on Google, never followed anyone’s dreams on Twitter, pictured their future on Instagram nor accepted my destiny on Facebook. To my ‘failures’ and drop-outs, unemployed graduates,shop assistants, cleaners and street hawkers with bigger dreams, the self employed entrepreneurs as well as game changers and dream chasers, push on.

The reason for which I  I hate school but love education is not to popularize ASEM’s “school dey bee but class dey bore” mantra but to let society know that whether 72% or 90%, 44% or 26%, we will not let exam determine our fate.



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